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A Model Organism Database for Birds
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The sequencing of several bird genomes and the anticipated sequencing of many more provided the impetus to develop a model organism database devoted to the taxonomic class: Aves. Birds provide model organisms important to the study of neurobiology, immunology, genetics, development, oncology, virology, cardiovascular biology, evolution and a variety of other life sciences. Many bird species are also important to agriculture, providing an enormous worldwide food source worldwide. Genomic approaches are proving invaluable to studying traits that affect meat yield, disease resistance, behavior, and bone development along with many other factors affecting productivity. In this context, BirdBase will serve both biomedical and agricultural researchers.

BirdBase Objectives:

  • Provide a community driven platform for information about bird genomes and genomics.
  • Stimulate scientific advancement by integrating information from a variety of bird species
  • Promote collaboration and cooperation between scientists using birds as model organisms and those studying agricultural traits of birds.
  • Help coordinate solutions to common issues such as gene nomenclature and ontology development
  • Provide a conduit for sharing reagents and protocols